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could i get rillaboom?

this analysis is high priority, qc isnt comfortable with this reservation right now -airfare
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as you all have already noticed :psycry:, we have a mini slate of 3 high-priority analyses up for reservation!

given the importance of these, we wanted to stress that writers should be prepared and knowledgeable about the mon you're reserving - please only take mons that you have used extensively.

(i'm picking up weavile for now)
hey, for our next slate, we're revamping some of the older and more outdated analyses that we had uploaded this winter/spring.
these are very high priority so please, once again, be sure that you're prepared & knowledgeable in writing about any of these mons
i'm reserving lando for now but 4 other analyses in clefable, toxapex, tornadus-t, and volcarona are now able to be reserved for full revamps!

qc still isn't comfortable with this reservation of such a high-priority analysis at this moment
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New slate is up! Please post here if you would like to reserve and either ausma or I will respond. When we do we will provide the sets.

Important: Please remember we are only doing the Preview and Set Details until further notice. Other Options and Checks and Counters will not be a part of this format until told otherwise.

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